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Do you need additional services? 

Lets upgrade your bar experience ! Ask us about our “ADD ONs” .  Our add ons are designed and created for your convenience. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if we just provided everything drink related  ( except the alcohol ) for your event? YES! 😊

Mobile bar

Portable Bar Rental 


We have a couple of portable bar options. Let us know what you’re looking for ! Pictured is our standard black pop up bar. This bar is great for micro or small events! 


Garnish + Mixer combo

$4 per ​person.

Save the shopping to us! And allow us to provide the mixers and garnishes . 

* If you would like to have freshly made juices  and edible flowers for your cocktails it would just be an additional $1 per person to add this on!


Go green! Glass rental $2.50 per person


Whether you’re having a back yard BBQ or celebrating an elegant occasion , we have you covered for the drink ware!


Hydration station 

$3 per person 

The mixers we provide are solely for the bar. But let us set up a hydration station for those who rather not visit the bar. 

Our hydration station include infused water, fresh lemonade, and early morning brewed ice tea! 

*If you would like to add sodas or kid friendly items to the station it would be an additional cost that can be discussed at time of consult . 


Serving Staff 

$55 /hr per staff 

Do you need the extra help passing out Hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour? Or perhaps help with table clearing after dinner? All of our staff are ServeSafe food and alcohol certified; and ready to serve you and your guest! 

* The nature of how you intend to utilize this service can be discussed at time of consult.




$2 per person​

The most essential item we can provide for you is ICE! Let us worry about keeping  the  beer cold , and cocktails chilled all evening! 

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